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Pre-K Teaching Opportunities at Community-Based Early Childhood Centers: An Application for Candidates Not Yet Certified

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New York's future starts with you.
The City of New York is seeking talented early childhood educators to lead classrooms in New York City Early Education Centers (NYCEECs) for the 2016-17 school year.
To start an application, please click on the "Start a New Application" button below. Detailed instructions on how to complete this application can be found here.
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Thank you for your interest in teaching pre-kindergarten in New York City.
Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality
The New York City Department of Education
**NOTE** If you have a teaching certificate or are on track to have a teaching certificate by September 2016, please DO NOT complete this application. You must apply via TeachNYC.net - the New York City Department of Education's Online Teacher Application for certified candidates. Both CBECCs and district schools will be able to access your information using this portal.
If you have any questions about becoming a pre-K teacher in New York City, please review the information on our website at TeachNYCPreK.org.
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